Tis the Season to be Healthy: Gingerbread Houses

posted on December 21, 2015

Looking for a fun Holiday activity for the kids that does not involve copious amounts of sugar? Try this healthier version of a gingerbread house! (Note that I did not say “healthy” but “healthier” J).

Last night my husband had the idea that we should make gingerbread houses.  This was a Christmas tradition he really enjoyed as a child and wanted to pass it along to our girls.  But of course, mommy (aka Naturopath Mommy downer) wanted to find a creative way to engage in this fun activity without all the icing sugar and gumdrops.  After briefly looking online I combined a few ideas and decided on this version – graham cracker, peanut butter houses J.

All you need is graham cracker sheets, regular smooth peanut butter and healthy nut, seed, cereal and dried fruit toppings of your choice.  (We used coconut shavings, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries and pretzels).

Heads up: PB is not nearly as structurally sound as icing.  It is sticky enough but does not harden so you may want to put the PB in the fridge before making the houses and store them in the fridge for a night after.

I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

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