Holistic Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy – with Roxana

Naturotherapy, Energy Medicine, Natural Healing and Holistic Energy Work are synonyms for holistic wellness therapy. They are based upon the tenet that the mind, body and spirit are interconnected through an energy system. A change in one component leads to a change in others. The body is designed to naturally heal and repair but gets blocked, which leads to disease. By connecting to the energy system of the body, energy healing facilitates removal of these blockages, allowing the body to return to optimal functioning. Thus, an individual’s inner wisdom and their body’s natural healing ability are accessed and the healing process is enabled.

Using B.O.S., TBM, Therapeutic Touch®, Reikicraniosacral, and ancient earth wisdom, we work together to facilitate your energetic opening. Energy work can help bridge the gap between Western medicine and complementary therapies. By combining Live Blood Analysis with holistic energy work, we have shown that these techniques induce rapid improvements in clients’ blood. Your physical ailments and emotional challenges are relieved, allowing you to heal and connect to yourself and others.

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Energy Therapy – with Patty

Our body is great at holding onto unresolved emotional issues. Blockages held at the emotional level cause physical distress, discomfort and dis-ease. Science is now beginning to recognize that certain emotions, when not expressed, can contribute to the development of disease in the body. By tapping into this blocked energy and assisting the body in releasing it, we begin to help the body to heal physically and emotionally.

Working with Patty, you will begin to experience a sense of release and relief. You will feel lighter, more present, calmer and centered. You will have more energy and experience healthier emotions. Most importantly, you will have the clarity you need to move forward in the most positive ways in your life.

Patty is trained and certified in the following techniques: Biocomputer Operating System® (BOS), Biocomputuer Emotional Spiritual Technique, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Therapeutic Touch® and Medical Intuition.

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