Personal Training

With Jay

A personal training program with Jay is based on your wellness goals and is customized for your body and level of fitness. Jay offers a base program of a 45-minute session in his Studio once per week for three months that will address your full-body strength levels, reduce areas of pain and put in place a realistic plan for body fat loss.

Programs include take-home plans for you to exercise on the other days of the week to compliment your weekly Studio session.  Jay also provides goal checklists for the items that need daily and weekly attention.  He can also help you with food journaling and setting up calorie tracking as required.

What you receive with each contract:

  • One forty-five minute customized training session per week in Studio
  • Program changes as required, typically every 4-6 weeks
  • Customized home workout routine
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Access to a trusted network of local healthcare specialists
  • Access to online payment and scheduling software
  • Email and phone access as needed weekdays

See Jay’s personal website for more details